By David Sidman September 2, 2019

When He stands, He makes the earth shake; When He glances, He makes nations tremble (Habakuk 3:6)

On Sunday, the prime minister of Lebanon asked the United States and France to intervene after the Hezbollah terror organization fired anti-tank missiles at an Israeli patrol vehicle, leading to the retaliatory fire by the IDF reports TOI (Times of Israel).
PM Saad Hariri got in touch with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and French President Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic team in an effort to urge immediate intervention by their countries as well as “the international community is facing the developments on the southern border,” Hariri said in a statement.
Hezbollah stated earlier that it had destroyed an Israeli military vehicle on Israel’s side of the border. The IDF released a statement saying that no Israeli troops were injured by the 2-3 missiles that were launched by Hezbollah. The missiles hit both a military jeep as well as an IDF post.
Hezbollah’s anti-tank missile fire came over a week following an Israeli airstrike against an Iranian-controlled outpost in Syria in which several members of the IRGC were killed. This included two of the terrorist group’s members.
Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah swore to ‘respond’ after the strike, which happened at approximately the same time a drone attack that was blamed on Israel reportedly struck equipment in Beirut where Hezbollah’s missile program is stockpiled.