What Happen on this Month of Kislev in the Bible?

Kislev 1 – Rosh Chodash – New Moon

Kislev 4 – (Zechariah 7:1) – On this day Zechariah received a prophecy about hypocritical fasting and feasting.

Kislev 20 – (Ezra 10:9) – On this day Ezra commanded Israelite men to separate from their pagan wives.

Kislev 24 – (Haggai 2:10-19) – On this day Haggi prophesied blessings for the Israelites.  Haggi also received a prophesy for Zerubbabel (Haggai 2:20-23). Traditionally, this is Erev Chanukah – the lighting of the first candle for the Feast of Dedication. (All lightings take place in the evening)

Kislev 25 – The lighting of the second candle.

Kislev 26 – The lighting of the third candle.

Kislev 27 – The lighting of the fourth candle.

Kislev 28 – The lighting of the fifth candle.

Kislev 29 – The lighting of the sixth candle.

Kislev 30 – The lighting of the seventh candle.