1 – On this day the flood waters dried up (Gen.8:13); the Tabernacle was set up (Exodus 40:2-17). Ezra began his journey from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezra 7:9) and investigation ceased (Ezra 10:17). Also, Hezekiah began consecrating the second Temple (2 Chronicles 29:17). Finally, Ezekiel received a prophecy against Egypt (Ezekiel 29:17) while the Ezekiel Temple will be purified on this day (Ezekiel 45:18). Exodus 12:2 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) “You are to begin your calendar with this month; it will be the first month of the year for you.

7 – On this day Ezekiel received a prophecy against Egypt (Ezekiel 20:30) and the Ezekiel Temple will be atone for (Ezekiel 45:20)

8 – Yeshua arrived in Beyt Amyah (Bethany) (John 12:1)

10 – On this day the Passover Lamb was chosen (Exodus 12:3); the Israelites camped at Gilgal (Joshua 4:17); Ezekiel saw the future glorious Temple (Ezekiel 40:1); Yeshua rode into the Jerusalem on a young donkey colt as crowds proclaimed Him the Messiah (John 12:12); Yeshua and his disciples entered the Temple area and returned to Beyt Amyah (Mark 11:11)

11 – On this day Yeshua left Beyt Amyah for Jerusalem (Mark 11:12); Yeshua cursed a fig tree (Mark11:12-14); Yeshua cleansed the Temple, ridding it of merchants (Mark 11:15-17)

12 – On this day Yeshua and his disciples left Jerusalem in the evening (Mark 11:19); in the morning they noticed the cursed fig tree had weathered (Mark 11:20). Yeshua returning to Jerusalem when His authority was questioned (Mark 11:27-33); Yeshua taught at the Temple and Mount of Olives (Mark 12-13); Yeshua taught in parables and rebuked the religious leaders (Matthew 21:28 – 24:5);Yeshua predicted that in two dys he would be handed over to be crucified (Matthew 26atthew 26:14-16)

13 – On this day Hamman’s edict was written (Esther 3:12) – Traditionally this is the day to remove chameytz (leaven) from the home this night.

14 – Passover begins at twilight. On this day Josiah restored the celebration of Passover to Israel (2 Chronicals 35:1); Yeshua celebrated Passover with his disciples (Luke 22:13-14) Traditionally this is Ta’anti Bekhorim – the Feast of First Fruits.

15 – On this day the Israelites entered Egypt (Exodus 12:40-41); left Egypt (Exodus 126-13, 29-31; began eating the produce of the Promised Land (Joshua 5:11); Yeshua prayed on the Mount of Olives(Luke 22:15-46);was arrested, tried and crucified (Luke 22:47-23:49)

16 – The Feast of Unleavened Bread – On this day manna stopped (Joshua 5:11-12);Hezekiah finished consecrating the Temple (2 Chronicles 29:17)

24 – On this day Daniel received a prophecy about the end times (Daniel 10:4)