The heavens declare the glory of Hashem, the sky proclaims His handiwork. Psalms 19:2 (The Israel BibleTM)

Saul Kullok has figured out a precise mathematical correlation between the Biblical borders of the tribes and the progressing tilt of the axis of the earth. The correlation relates to historic migrations of the Children of Israel and the final migration relating to the tribe of Reuven is about to take place.

Kullok has been granted many patents, many dealing with his innovations in the field of neuroperformance. Recently, one of his inventions for reducing high blood pressure and improve kidneys function without drugs was approved for a clinical trial at a major medical center in Jerusalem. In addition to being a brilliant scientist, Kullok is also a Torah observant Jew who lives in Judea. As such, he applies his analytical abilities to his Bible study. In addition to his scientific research, Kullok has made an intense study into physical-mathematical structures contained in the Hebrew Bible and the ancient tradition of Israel. Remarkably, he discovered predefined timings for major physical events involving the People of Israel during the last 3,500 years which are correlated to physical events. Kullok is in the process of publishing his study.

Kullok notes that the inspirational basis for his work comes in part from Psalms:

The heavens declare the glory of Hashem, the sky proclaims His handiwork. Day to day makes utterance, night to night speaks out. There is no utterance, there are no words, whose sound goes unheard. Their voice carries throughout the earth, their words to the end of the world. He placed in them a tent for the sun, Psalms 19:2-5A Celebration Of Black Art Shines a Light On Museums’ Promises

“Objective evidence is that Hashem is the ‘owner of the land, as stated in Leviticus 25:3,” Kullok notes. “This is the land that Hashem promises and swears more than 110 times in the Torah that will be possessed by the Children of Israel. Nevertheless, this revelation about the ‘Glory of God’ has not yet reached mankind and this is unclear. The evidence that the land itself and its borders relate to the Creator exists, declared by the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars. We just need to inspect and understand the evidence. We have recently found physical evidence, mathematically supported, of a number of very highly improbable correlations and relations between the inclination of the Earth’s axis (in heavens) and the geographical borders of the land allotted to Tribes of Israel (in the earth).”

“Put simply, the discovery shows that the Jews come back to Israel at fixed times that are set in the forces of nature, in the sun, stars, and earth,” Kullok said.

Kullok discovered that major events affecting the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel can be numerically obtained by a mathematical relation between two observable physical factors: the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the Biblical borders in Israel. He described the discovery in the simplest possible terms.

“The inclination of the planet on the year of the immigration plus the constant angular value equals the latitude of a border of Israel,” Kullok said.

“The mean inclination of the earth’s axis has decreased continuously during the 3,500 years investigated in this study; from the biblical time of Israel crossed the Jordan River after their biblical Exodus from Egypt until present times,” Kullok explained. “For each point in time, biblical and historical, the earth’s axis has a different mean inclination or axial tilt. For the contrary, the latitude of physical and biblical borders (or places), are fixed geographical values obtained in accordance with the Book of Joshua. The algorithm is a mathematical expression involving a correlation between points in time of history and the latitude of a place or border in the Biblical Land of Israel.”

“The formula means that if I know the latitude of the border, I subtract the constant angular value to obtain the mean inclination of the earth, from where the time at which this inclination took place gives the date of the event,” Kullok said. “Conversely, if I know the date, I can use the formula, insert the axial value and get the latitude of the border. This is an absolute correlation. These exact correlations were taking place 11 times, in relation to 11 biblical borders, and found to define the timings of 11 major events of Israel during the last 3,500 years. Second, it was later on observed that the time difference between any two of these events, is determined by the latitudinal difference between the two implicated biblical borders. It means that we found 11 correlations are, in turn, all mathematically related between them across time.”

“On the present stage of knowledge, we should regard these events as Biblical miracles because all these correlations and relations, in order to be so exact as they are, require that the main forces of the Sun and Moon upon the Earth axis inclination, must be precisely correlated with the biblical borders of the Israel Tribes defined in the Hebrew Bible.” 

“This is also scientific proof that the land belongs to Israel,” Kullok said. “It also shows that dividing the land goes against the laws of nature as established in these formulas. The land was given to the twelve tribes and the lost tribes must return. Jews are the tribe of Judah and Levites and Kohanim are from the Tribe of Levi. This is not a matter of choice. This is cosmological, scientific, and has biblical and prophetic ramifications.”

Kullok suggested that the borders, based on the sons of Jacob and established by cosmological events, were hinted at by God to Jabob in his blessing:

I will make your heirs as numerous as the stars of heaven, and assign to your heirs all these lands, so that all the nations of the earth shall bless themselves by your heirs. Genesis 26:4

Technically, Kullok’s calculations are as follows:

“Kavam” are East-West Lines having the geographical latitude of borders between biblical Tribes according to the Book of Joshua of the Hebrew Bible; b) by subtracting the same K angular value from each one of these latitude values, each Line will give a specific inclination value for the Earth axis of rotation, as measured in relation to the Sun (Psalms 19:5); c) the times at which the Earth axis was holding the specific inclination values obtained in b), are found to be the times for when major biblical and historical events of Israel were taking place along the last 3,500 years until present. (K=8 ͦ.00895975).

“If we search, from North to South for the lines marking the biblical borders between Tribal territories, as defined by the geographical latitude of these Lines, what we find happens to be angular values for terrestrial axis inclinations,” Kullok explained. “From these obtained inclination values, the timings at which the earth axis was holding these particular inclination values, were found to be the timings of main events of Israel. To the timings of Israel’s events obtained in this way, we called ‘cosmic timings’. The difference between any two ‘cosmic timings’ is directly related to the latitude difference between the respective two borders of Tribal territories according to the Book of Joshua. The extraordinary fact is that these “cosmic timings” are almost the same that the timings of events obtained from biblical and/or historical sources.”

“The position of Tribal borders was already established in biblical times,” Kullok said.”Therefore, the observed high order of synchronization across thousands of years requires specific inclination values and rates of change of the terrestrial axis inclination. For such an astronomical condition to take place across time, it requires the establishment of a specific balance of forces between our planet and the Solar System, and for the events to take place precisely at these preordained times, not as a result of historical processes but as a result of divine order.”

Based on precise maps of the borders of the Tribes of Israel as described in the Book of Joshua, Kullok arrived at the following dates and events (EDITOR”S NOTE: the verification tables with precise angular measurements are listed below):

                      BORDERS                             TIMINGS                                     EVENTS

1- Ephraim/Judah                                1475.6 BCE    Crossing the Red Sea

2-Ancient Jericho, North                    1435.7 BCE     Israel enters the Promised Land     

3-Gad/Reuben, Northern Sector        959.2 BCE   Separation: House of Judah and House of Israel

4-Gad/Reuben, Southern Sector          722 BCE   Destruction of Kingdom of Israel- Exile 10 Tribes

5-Temple Mount/Jerusalem North      596.8 BCE   Jerusalem’s Population Exiled

6-Jerusalem’s Southern Border            538.2 BCE   End of the Babylonian Exile

7-Benjamin/Judah                                   515.8 BCE   Second Temple Inauguration

8-Dan/Judah                                                163 BCE   Temple Rededication. Maccabees. Hanukah

9-Reuben/TNI. Occidental Sector          1831 CE   World awakening. Jewish Restoration Palestine

10-Reuben/TNI. Central Sector              1948-51 CE   Declaration of the State of Israel

11-Reuben/TNI. Oriental Sector       1989-2,000 CE   Immigration of 1,000,000 people to Israel 

Kullok emphasized that all of the events were mass migrations of the Jews, either into or out of the Land of Israel. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of Kullok’s calculations in that the final, or the twelfth, border has yet to have its correlating event take place.

“The  southernmost border for the tribe of Reuven is the Arnon River,” Kullok said. “This correlates to the year 2024. The last and most impressive migration of the Children of Israel will begin in 2024.”


VERIFICATION TABLES (see Borders Table & Inclination Table)

Border #  Latitude    Latitude-K=ε  Year (Laskar) Year (Bible-History)      cosmic timings

     1                      31 ͦ52’ 37”.18        23 ͦ52’ 4”.93              1476.41 BCE                 1475.7 BCE 

    2                       31 ͦ52’ 20”.96        23 ͦ51’ 48”.70            1435.57 BCE                 1435.73 BCE

    3                       31 ͦ49’   7”.0          23 ͦ48’ 34”.74               959.5 BCE                     959.22 BCE 

    4                       31 ͦ47’ 28”.02        23 ͦ46’ 55”.77               723.59 BCE                    722 BCE

    5                       31 ͦ46’ 34”.08        23 ͦ46’ 1”.82                  596.65 BCE                   596.81 BCE

    6                      31 ͦ 46’ 09”.02          23 ͦ45’ 36”.76              538.24 BCE                   538.24 BCE

    7                      31 ͦ45’ 59”.74         23 ͦ45’ 27”.49                516.63 BCE                   515.84 BCE

    8                      31 ͦ43” 30”.17        23 ͦ42’ 57”.91                 173 BCE                        163 BCE

   9                       31 ͦ28’ 12”.46         23 ͦ27’ 40”.20                1831.44 CE                   1831 CE

  10               N    31 ͦ27’ 19”.21         23 ͦ26’ 46”.95                1945.4 CE                      1948 CE

                     S     31 ͦ27’ 16”.41         23 ͦ26’ 44”.15                 1951.4 CE                     1951 CE

  11              N     31 ͦ26’ 58”.99       23 ͦ26’ 26”.73                   1988.68 CE                   1989 CE

                    S      31 ͦ26’ 54”.2          23 ͦ26’ 21”.94                   1998.93 CE                  2000 CE

NOTES:See Borders Table

  1. The K angular constant= 8 ͦ.00895975 or 8 ͦ0’ 32”.2551
  2. In Border Cities, their border ( # 1-Gezer-;3-Heshbon-; 4-Beth Jeshimoth/Sweime; 8-Beth Shemesh) is the border of the surrounding dependent Land for agricultural and livestock, for sustaining the needs of its population (Prof. Aharony). We estimate that this border is at 2.100 meters (4,000 cubits) from the coordinates values of the City center given by Internet.
  3. Border #2-Northern wall of Ancient Jericho
  4. Border #7- The parcel of land surrounding the En-Rogel Fountain is estimated to be of 250 x 250 cubits. The Southern side of this parcel is the border with Judah.
  5. Border #5. The latitude of this border is of the wall uncovered by Leen Ritmeyer on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. This is the Southern wall of the 500 x 500 cubits platform on the Temple Mount, where the First and Second Temple were located (see THE QUEST, a CARTA-JERUSALEMpublication). This wall is the Northern wall of Ancient Jerusalem
  6. Border #6. Southern wall of Ancient Jerusalem, bordering with the Valley of Hinnom.
  7. Border #9- Where the northern branch of the Arnon’s Delta reaches the Dead Sea.
  8. Borders # 10 &11- On the non-straight course of the Arnon River on today’s Kingdom of Jordan. On each of these two borders, we discriminate that are formed by 2 parallel lines very close to each other. For each border, the line more to the North is designated N, and the more to the South, S.

TABLE OF INCLINATIONS OF EARTH AXIS (ε).  (Laskar’s Algorithm-1986)


.              Year BCE                Inclination ε                 Δε in 100 years

1500                       23 ͦ52’ 14”.3071

1400                       23 ͦ51’ 34”.5673…………..39”.7397


1000                       23 ͦ48’ 51”.7365

  700                      23 ͦ46’ 45”.8734…………..41”.9543


 600                       23 ͦ46’ 3”.2651

 500                       23 ͦ45’ 20”.3567…………..42”.9083


200                       23 ͦ43’   9”.8735

100                       23 ͦ42’ 25”.2243……………44”.6492



         1800                      23 ͦ27’ 54”.8984

         2000                      23 ͦ26’ 21”.4480……………46”.7252