All Israel News Staff | December 5, 2022

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the discovery of a 1,800 year-old Roman road in Galilee built in the time of Hadrian. According to the IAA, the road was a major travel route, comparable in significance to Israel’s Highway 6 toll road which links the northern and southern parts of the country. The road connected Acre, Sepphoris and Tiberias, and was paved during Hadrian’s reign in the 2nd century.

The Roman Empire was famous for its network of roads, which connected the vast empire and allowed for regular trade, mail and quick movement of military forces. The excavation revealed road segments, pottery fragments, as well as coins and other metal objects from the Roman and Byzantine period.

The excavation is part of a project called the Sanhedrin Trail, a 70-kilometer route that connects sites associated with Israel’s ancient court of 71 judges called The Sanhedrin. This body of judges is referred to in the New Testament as the Council in passages like Luke 23:50 and Acts 22:5. The word Sahedrin comes from the Greek word synedrion which means council.