What Happen in the Month of Sivan in the Bible?

1       – Rosh Chodesh; On this day, Ezekiel received a prophecy against Egypt – Ezekiel 31:1-18

8   – Shavuot – *Biblically

15 –  On this day the Israelites arrived in the Desert of Sinai – Exodus 19:1; 12:6-13; 29-31

23 –  On this day Mordecai’s decree allowing the Jews to defend themselves was written – Esther 8:9

27 –  On this day the rain that caused the Flood ended – Genesis 7:11-12


Traditionally Erev Shavuot falls on the 5th of Sivan. Therefore the 6th of Sivan, traditionally is Shavuot. This date is based on the rabbinical custom of counting 50 days from Nisan 16. Thus the diaspora date is the 7th of Sivan.

*Biblically the Scriptural teaching is to count fifty days from the Sunday in the middle of Chag Matzot week – Leviticus 23:11-16. So the Annual Shabbat for Shavuot falls on the 8th of Sivan