I was recently asked to write this article by a colleague of mine as we were discussing current events and the way they fit into the narrative of history. After taking a long hiatus in writing and journalism, I was finally convinced to expound what I had put together…Here we are. In Israel we haven’t had a working government in over a year, this being the 3rd election in the course of the year. Ironically, we’re having all these elections, but nobody’s elected! Who’s in charge now anyways? Even the most secular of Israelis realize that something not normal is going on. Something deeper, something bigger than we are is happening behind the spiritual scenes.

It’s stated in the Jewish mystical writings (the 16th Century scholar, the Holy Ari”zl in particular), that the Jewish souls in the generation before the coming of the Messiah will be a reincarnation of the Israelites that left ancient Egypt, and their test just might be to continue where they left off, i.e. – to finally settle in the Good Land, the Land of Israel. Don’t forget, that generation died during the 40 year sojourn in the wilderness, and only their children merited to come into the Land, along with Joshua and Caleb. You can see that this indeed is quite a test, and most Jews today unfortunately don’t have much of a connection to the modern State of Israel, or have even been there. Actually, back in Egypt during the 10 plagues, a whopping 80% of the Hebrews died in the plague of Darkness, having no intention to follow Moses out of slavery to the Promised Land. That was over 3300 years ago when there were 10 million Jewish souls enslaved there. In the end however, only 2 million Jews left with their belongings and their flocks (approx. 600,000 men between 20 and 60), and the rest women and children).
So again, here we are.

Along with the Hebrews however, came out what is called in the Torah, the “Erev Rav”, or the Mixed Multitude, i.e., people that were not Jewish, but came out of Egypt with them because they saw that a more powerful God was with these slaves, and quite frankly, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! There were about 3000 of these people, a small, but very loud, influencial and destructive bunch. They were the ones that instigated the infamous Golden Calf debacle, and tried to get the Hebrews to head back to Egypt on numerous occasions. They were out for their own glory and stature, nothing else. The Holy Ari”zl writes that at the End of Days (which by the way, is NOW), these same souls will also arise once again to be leaders of the Jewish People in their Land, and it is written elsewhere that (and get this!) they will be in power for 70 years before the Messiah will come on the scene. The State of Israel was born in 1948 and 2018 was just last year. You do the math.

Not only that, but that the Messiah himself can’t come unless these same people, the Erev Rav, are out of power and there is a vacuum in the leadership. Is that not what we’re seeing right now? Apparently, the late Sephardic Kabbalist (mystic) Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri might have predicted the political unrest surrounding recent struggles by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, according to a report by the Hebrew daily Israel Hayom. Kaduri reportedly wrote in And He Swore to Isaac, a “hidden book” that was recently found in the Kabbalistic school of Nahalat Yitzhak, that “On the eve of the year 5780 (this Hebrew year), there will not be a government in Israel for an extended period and the various camps will quarrel much without a decision on either side…”The statements by Kaduri also reference excerpts from the “The prophet of Egypt,” Rabbi Shoshani, who said, “There will come a day that two ministers win the government in the land of Israel. Both their names will be Benjamin and neither of them will succeed in establishing their government or kingship. “On that day, know and understand that the King Messiah already stands at the doorway and afterwards he will come and be revealed,” Shoshani’s statement continues. “Understand this and remember it.’” Wow. The next election happens to be falling on the upcoming national holiday of Purim, the very day of salvation for the Jewish People when they were saved from annihilation at the hands of the evil Haman and Amalek during the exile of the First Temple. Coincidence? I think not!Further, it’s rather obvious that many of us all over the world are now experiencing what is known in the Tanakh as the “Birthpangs of the Messiah.” What does that refer to practically speaking? Interest rates skyrocketing, children turning against their parents (“chutzpah” on steroids), old people standing up before the teenagers, etc. There is another aspect to this as well. Sheer levels of stress, worry and heartache that collectively have never been experienced in other previous generations. In fact, despite all the technological advancements (or perhaps because of it) this generation has been dubbed the “Age of Anxiety.” And for good reason. The reason why Chassidic groups such as Breslov have skyrocketed in popularity the last 25 years or so, is because Rebbi Nachman’s message (for instance) is what people need to hear right now, namely that: “Ayn shum iyush ba’olam!” – there is no need to despair, never despair! Instead, turn it around and lean on God. Serve Him with as much joy as one can muster.

Back to the subject of the elections. Unfortunately, the current political quagmire is having a ripple effect in many other areas as well. And don’t think for one moment that our enemies aren’t taking notice. They’re watching. Big time. Even as you read this, Iran is preparing for a strike via its proxies bordering Israel, with the protection of Russia. In September, Independent Arabia reported that the Russian military in Syria prevented three Israeli airstrikes on three Syrian military targets. The Russian threatened that any jets attempting an airstrike in Syria would be shot down, either by Russian jets or by the S-400 anti-aircraft missiles. The report claimed a similar situation happened twice before and in August, Russia stopped an airstrike on a Syrian outpost in Qasioun, where an S-300 anti-air battery is placed. Iraqi bases are also now receiving missile components from Iran. How nice.



According to yesterday’s paper (The Jerusalem Post 10/DEC/19), Iran has begun building tunnels at its Imam Ali base in Syria, which is a key part of Iran’s infrastructure that links Iran via Iraq to Syria and Lebanon. In my view, the bottom line is that if Israel and the US don’t carry out a pre-emptive strike against Iran while President Trump is still in office, it’s just a matter of time before we’re hit, heaven forbid, the nuclear brinkmanship game begins, and all hell breaks loose.

On another (more positive) note, I was fortunate enough to be featured on HISTORY Channel a couple weeks ago, in their In Search Of series, this particular episode focusing on Secrets of the Bible. There were many questions and an intense curiosity about how biblical archaeology, including ancient Temple artifacts, are related to what’s happening in modern Israel nowadays, and how it may play a role in its future. Yes indeed, sacred items are being found much more frequently, and archaeology is very much tied into politics in this country. In fact, a significant find has the power to potentially shape the political future, including final status negotiations vis-à-vis the US peace plan. We are actually breaking ground on something brand new (a GoFundMe undertaking: The Jerusalem Biblical Treasure – Excavation/Film) that is sure to be an important step in the media and Israel advocacy moving forward.

No matter what happens however, our souls are back here “Hinainu” (in Hebrew). We are a generation miraculously having returned to ancient Israel, thank God, waiting for our redeeming moment as individuals, as a community, and as a Nation. After nearly 2000 years, we are still waiting. I dare say, the difference though is that now as I wrote these very words, humanity in general, and Jews in particular are on the verge of a new Messianic Era, and we in Israel, for better or for worse, merit to be the main players, waiting for our turn to shine once again and be a Light unto the Nations.

May it be soon and in our days…