Ancient Siloam Pool in Jerusalem to be excavated

All Israel News Staff | Published: December 28, 2022  [This article is a review because of the current 2023 huge excavation going on now. A find some 15 years ago with our group while viviting Hezekiahs tunnel and went past the ladder and wall.] The Israel Antiquities...

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Archaeologists uncover evidence of New Testament narrative

All Israel News Staff | Published: January 16, 2021 (I missed this article earlier this year) The journal Live Science reported last week that archaeologists working in the Dead Sea area south of Jerusalem believe they’ve determined the location of the floor in the...

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Farmer revives the Biblical Balm of Gilead

  ADAM ELIYAHU BERKOWITZ / BIBLICAL NEWS AUGUST 30, 2023 One very special farmer in the Holy Land is raising rare and endangered plants in an effort to bring back the Biblical Balm of Gilead and the Temple incense. In 2008, Guy Ehrlich was driven to recreate the...

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