Muslim Brotherhood Overruns National Cathedral in DC

As a reminder, you can checkout our 2014 posting dated 11/20/14. NOTE: TishB'Av marks the date of when and why the Temple was burned. [Ezekiel 8:14] Don't wonder why things are happening today, it's in plan sight.(RD) SEBASTIAN GORKA 14 Nov 2014 100 years ago today,...

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Amazing Evidence Of Kingdom Of Judah Found In Jerusalem!

By One For Israel Staff Jul 29, 2020 We’ve read about Hezekiah, Menashe and the Kingdom of Judah in the Bible, but now archeologists are digging up ancient treasures which testify to the truth of these stories! Just outside the old city of Jerusalem, close to the US...

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Let’s Make Another List

Author: The Jerusalem Connection July 15, 2020 In addition to the general statement that Israel today sits on the forefront of cures, treatments and prevention of Parkinson’s, various cancers, Alzheimer’s, cardiac conditions, and more, let’s add the latest ailment,...

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