Views from Within

Reports for Israel Trip

‘Getting to Know You’ 22

6/12/2011 By: Joe

How does your heart change with time in the Land? Becoming more in line with God’s will is a blessing in itself. I started out my time here by wanting to show my mom Israel, we spent several days riding around Israel seeing the sites and hiking through the Carmel Mountains, etc. Masada touch our souls and brought tears for a people long since dead, but alive in our hearts. But we have truly gotten to know Israel over the last two weeks while we have been serving/volunteering than we did while driving around site seeing.
Through our desire to bless Israel in the tiniest of ways we have been blessed and hearts changed for the better. I am so blessed just to have my mom with me on this trip, to see how her heart for the Jewish people has grown.

Near the end of my time in the Land I have mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, like the closing of Shabbat, happy to have experienced the joys with the Lord in His presence and sad to be going back into my secular life…My love for the apple of God’s eye has only increased from my time in Israel. God bless Israel and please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


My witness is different 21

6/12/2011 By: Margaret

Before this trip I wrote a question to God that he show me anything that has put distance between us. I had no idea what those things might be, but knew there were issues. I have put 5 things on that list.
I’ve learned many ways to pray in depth. I have experienced a real emotional connection to the people of Israel and also learned God’s order for the people’s on His heart.
I’ve been touched by the awesome movement of the Holy Spirit on the Messianic Jewish population. God is ready to do great things and I am ready to help.


Ahhh … the wilderness 20

6/12/2011 By: Kim

“After experiencing the reality of the dessert, aka: wilderness – hot, dry, dusty and vast, one sees with new eyes the beauty and refuge embodied within an oasis. These are places of provision where water is found and life springs forth in an other wise seemingly desolate place. Just like in the actual desert, Abba places people in strategic places on earth to be an oasis for those around them. I had the privilege of witnessing just such a people. Their livelihood is that of a safe place were many find refreshing and hope. This is expressed through their hunger for G_d, their generosity to the poor and the broken, as well as their sincere heart for His Kingdom to be established here on earth. It is very evident that Abba is up to something, even in the midst of the wilderness.”


Second Shabbat 19

6/12/2011 By: Jack

During our teams second Shabbat in the Land which God chose for Himself – a permanent inheritance for His people – we journeyed to the Southern tip of Israel with a relatively new Congregation. What an amazing Holy Spirit filled service this was. I wish all of you might have been there to participate in worship led by the local worship team and the anointed message from our team leader. But the very best part was our chance to get to know many of the locals there and pray with them individually as we got to know their hearts and specific needs. This is the primary reason we’re here and I praise God for the opportunity He gave us this past weekend.

We love you and bless you in Messiah’s name.


Speaking Chayim (LIFE) 18

6/12/2011 By: Cathy

One of the things that we have especially been encouraged & challenged to do to a greater degree this year is to speak life. It is something the Lord was revealing to me even before we arrived. Some of the concepts the Lord has been revealing to a greater degree are found in the Scriptures. In Proverbs it says the power of life & death is in the tongue…John says of Yeshua, in the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God and the Word was God…that is a powerful Word, what did God do in the beginning? He created the world & set it in order, He spoke & things were created, He breathed the breath of Life into His created. It has been so encouraging to see the words of life we have spoken in the past, in prayer, bearing fruit. More & more I want to speak Life, sing Life, be Life where-ever I am. The scriptures also say that the word is living and active & sharper than any two edged sword, Lord help me wield it well. Bring your Word to Life in us Yeshua, our hope of glory….


Glorify 17

6/12/2011 By: Mary

We ascended towards Jerusalem today to attend a Shavuot celebration reading the Psalms of Ascent as we drove. Hundreds of Messianic Believers and families from all over gathered on a rocky hillside, each family or group bringing a picnic lunch. There were speakers, singers, dancers and people vending books, music, artwork and crafts; all lifting up the name of Yeshua. Children laughing and playing and had water-fights with super-soakers, plastic bottles or whatever else could serve as a water weapon to the others. Whether making new friends while waiting in line for the bathroom, renewing old acquaintances, praying for the needs of new or old friends or just lying on a blanket gazing up at a clear blue sky and praying God’s blessings on His people and His land the God of all creation was glorified.


Mighty God 16

6/10/2011 By: Sidney

As our group goes out to bless others somehow I continue to find that I am the one being blessed. Today was a remarkable day as we walked where Jesus walked in Jerusalem! Although what touched me the most is God’s power in such a simple way. Looking out from the Jerusalem House of Prayer you see a sea of Muslim homes marked by their black water heaters. As we prayed for the Jewish people, nation of Israel, and the United States I was reminded how God can bring forth something great in a surrounding of so much darkness. Only by God’s almighty power will The Jewish people return home, but as you turn to Matthew 10:5-6 we are commanded to “go to the lost sheep of Israel”. I am learning the importance of blessing the Jewish people and nation of Israel by simply lifting them up in prayer.


Full Days 15

6/10/2011 By: Diana

What a beautiful and blessed day here in the land! Our whole team was together today at the Mount. Of Olives and the house of Ciaphous (sp?). It was a beautiful time of revisiting places Jesus is believed to have been, and operating under His heart for the nations. My first highlight for the day was time in the Church of the Nations, where I sensed His tender and urgent heart for all lands to know his love (and also me personally). The other was a dynamic and scripture-focused prayer time for two hours this afternoon where we were able to have a panoramic view of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, sound the shofars, proclaim life and restoration to the lands, and exalt our King. It was wonderful.

Yesterday, in a remote part of this land, I reconnected with someone from my college days who is now here shepherding and growing the body, and it was such a blessing. Then, last night, I was able to share His heart for Israel with a couple where we are staying, and I enjoy the opportunity to interact with volunteers from around the world frequently here.


Ba’al Perizim 14

6/8/2011 By: Kim

At just past the half way point I am relishing the moments I have left in this beautiful land! For all intents and purposes, it is safe to say I am falling in love with this nation! I came with an expectation to learn and grow and that is indeed happening on a larger scale than I imagined. More than anything I feel honored to be here; honored to bless a land that is the heart of so much contention, and honored to bless the people whom G_d has called His own. I’ve been hearing in my spirit for the past several months the term, ‘Breakthrough’, and have really believed this to be a breakthrough season in my life personally. I am learning about ‘Ba’al Perizim’ – the Lord of the breakthrough, that He is the One who breaks through on our behalf, for His glory and for His purposes to be displayed. He is the keeper of our hearts, both protecting and maintaining them, like one would keep a garden or a vineyard. I love the depth of His love and know that I am being conformed more and more into His likeness day by day. So expectant for the more that is still to come!”


New Person 13

6/8/2011 By: Margaret

My greatest gain in this trip is to learn how to effectively and thoroughly pray for people and places. I have always been embarrassed when asked to pray. I have never been comfortable when trying to express my concerns and desires for the people and places I care about.

We have had much practice in praying in great depth on all kinds of subjects, cities and needs for people around us. The timidity has left and in its place is a real, praying person.


He Is … 12

6/7/2011 By: Brandon

The way that the Lord can move throughout an individual and throughout a group of individuals is amazing, mysterious and beyond my comprehension. What I do know is that a group of believers who don’t know each other can come to gather in a foreign land (God’s land in this case) and love, support, lift up and bless each other. I don’t know how God orchestrates things and I can’t understand all the many ways he leads people, but I do know the heart of a true believer is forever changed by his love. So no matter how different we are or how imperfect we may be we are the same in this aspect. No matter where in the world you may call home our God is the same, He’s consistent, He’s perfect, He is love!


Defining blessing 11

6/7/2011 By: Joe

Today I had the blessing of cleaning two public bathrooms at the Guest House where I am staying. By this I mean sinks, showers and toilets – inside the bowl and outside and by two I mean the mens and the womens restrooms. Such a tiny sacrifice of comfort and a lot of sweat on my part, blessing? How can that be a blessing? In light of Colossians 3:23-24, if everything I do in word or in deed is being done for my Lord and King, for my Savior, then such a small thing as cleaning the two restrooms and sweating a bunch can be a blessing.

I am in the Land to bless Israel in the tiniest of ways. It is an issue of scale, what is tiny. Not only did I help with the labor the volunteer staff do but made a friend in the process. Blessing is simple, for example if you see two new friends have finished eating their lunch and are deep in conversation, simply offer to clear their plates so they can continue talking. Blessing does not have to be big, tiny blessings can make a big impact, can make this world we all share better for all of us.

So I challenge you to seek ways to bless someone in a tiny way, tiny to you, see if it doesn’t have a bigger impact than you thought possible.
JOY can be thought of as serving: Jesus, Others and Yourself and in that order, God’s order.


Encouragement to Pray 10

6/6/2011 By: Cathy

I have been encouraged by seeing amazing answers to prayers prayed here & want to thank you for your prayers& encourage you to keep praying; there is life & light shining brightly in so many areas that were very dark spiritually, which is reflected in the physical realm by massive building projects, as well as simple changes such as abandoned lots where dark transactions took place becoming a playground filled with children or a park with people sitting enjoying the beauty of nature & the fellowship of others.

It is a block by block battle & you can actually see where the Lord is pushing back the darkness, please pray for us as we walk the broken places of the land that the Lord will help us in our prayers to speak life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless, wholeness to the broken….


New Joy … for all 9

6/6/2011 By: Jack

Dear brothers and sisters in Messiah
What a tremendous blessing I’m experiencing by being back in Israel and even more so this year because Mary my bride of 10 months is here with me! Thank you Lord hat Mary and I and the team of Believers we’re with have this opportunity to bless your land and the people you love and have chosen … and especially to visit, encourage and pray for those Israelis who profess Yeshua as their Messiah. Even while facing rejection their faith grows stronger, their joy abounds and their numbers are increasing daily.
I hope all of you will be able to come to Israel soon and experience what the Almighty One is doing here. I can almost guarantee you that you will receive a personal and powerful spiritual blessing while here. It may be that you’ll experience God’s presence and love you like never before or familiar scripture will ‘open up’ with new revelation. All of this has been my experience since arriving here and I can’t wait o find out what other blessings God has in store for me and Mary and our other team members.
We love you and bless you from His Land.


La Chium – Life 8

6/5/2011 By: Sidney

God has been really blessing my life. My eyes have been opened to God’s heart for Israel as he has stretched me spiritually like never before.
There is life here as you see a beautiful flower grow out of a pile of rubble, as you see people being released and healed by the holy spirit, and as you see the next generation of children with hope and love in their eyes. We are told we are about to get off the tricycle and run with passion to do God’s work as the pace of our trip quickens. I was being stretched on the tricycle, so I am just going to be holding on to see how God will take the gifts of our team to new heights as we speak life, love, and hope into the people of Israel.


A Global Thing 7

6/5/2011 By: Mary

One of the things that has really impacted me since arriving in Israel is the unity of the Spirit among believers. The hostel we are staying in houses believers are from all over the world, speaking different languages and from differing denominational backgrounds. Some are here as guests; some are volunteers coming here for weeks or months just to serve; just to be a part of blessing Israel. We have met and worshiped with believers from South Korea, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the UK, and all over the US, as well as Israel. Whether worshiping in Hebrew, English or Russian it has been such an encouragement to my faith to see the common bond we have in Yeshua and to see the breadth of what He is doing; instilling His Love for Israel and the Jewish people in the hearts of believers all across the globe.


Adding up the joy 6

6/5/2011 By: Diana

We worshipped with a local congregation this morning, and it was a deep blessing to be with them and praise Yeshua together (as we did with another congregation last night). Shabbat in Israel, what could be better? Oh, but it can be enhanced by a swim in the mediterranean and visiting ancient historic places.. There was some good rest time today, which is always a blessing as well (we know we’ll be running fast and stretched in the coming week). Thanks for all the prayers and support coming from our friends and family, we are glad to have you here with us as a great cloud of witnesses.


Learning and touched 5

6/5/2011 By: Margaret

This has been an amazing few days. My son Joe and I spent 3 1/2 days touring around. Though not an official part of the trip, I was impressed with the fortitude of the people who stood up against Rome at Masada. It was important to me because it touched my heart. It makes it much more real to pray for the future of Israel, when their plight, no matter how long ago, touches you deeply.

I have learned many things regarding what God wants for Israel and how we have to do things in his order if we want to help bring his will about. I am impressed with the results that can be brought forward when we follow his plans.


B’Day …. unforgettable! 4

6/3/2011 By: Kim

I had the distinct pleasure of arriving in Israel for the first time on the morning of my 40th birthday. Just before landing I was blessed by a spectacular rainbow (a covenant sign), sunrise shinning through the airplane window and likewise surprised by a giant sunflower balloon awaiting my arrival at the airport. I am already in awe of this place and smitten by the people of this land. I am confident that I will forever be changed as a result of my decision to come. Here’s to the best birthday ever.


The same …but different 3

6/2/2011 By: Fresh Joe

Israel in a similar way to scripture remains the same, we the observer change with our life experiences and dynamic interactions with others, their ideas and ideals. So just as a reading of the same portion of scripture results in new and interesting understandings, so too does a visit to Israel, sometimes even the same places in Israel can spawn new revelations.

Arrival to Israel always seems to be a long and arduous adventure, well worth the time and resources. The first few days before the trip were spent driving around Israel to see sites and experience both the Land and its culture. Long hard days of driving and walking have built memories that will last a lifetime. The trip collected and became ‘echad’ in the evening on Wednesday, prayers prayed on this evening during our evening meal have already resulted in great victory for the Lord and a strengthening of our testimony about who our God is and what is able to accomplish in less than twenty-four hours. Thank you God!


By His Grace 2

6/2/2011 By: Brandon

I have to say I was a little on edge after arriving in Tel Aviv as I was singled out and questioned by three different people going through customs. I didn’t think they were going to let me in, but they did which restored my confidence in the fact that I was lead here and only by the grace of my messiah that I made it in. Once I got with my team and my leader all my tension went away and once we got to are hostel I could feel my soul overflowing with a peace that only comes from above. The presence of the lord is in this place and the people who work here have already been a blessing to me. The trials and animosity they face every day is nothing compared to how we have it back home. They have been a testament to my life. I pray that while I’m here I and my teammates will fulfill our father’s plans for this trip so that we may be able to return the blessing to are Jewish brothers and sisters.


Break Through … 2

5/13/2010 By: Jack W

All my life I’ve lived with the ‘fear of man’. One outcome is that I’ve always – desperately – wanted and sought after the approval of those around me. If I obtained that approval, I would become very ‘puffed up’ – prideful – and if I didn’t get what I sought, I became even more fearful. Criticism was especially devastating to me.

Today, the Holy Spirit used the morning worship time at our hostile to break this sinful, satanic inspired fear and pour into me His Holy desire for only the approval of the One who loves me and gave His life for me that the power of sin is broken in me … and this can be for you, too!
From now on I’ll be seeking His Face ONLY … Obeying Him … Loving Him in the secret of His Presence. Hallelujah! Praise His Holy Name


We are here! 3

5/13/2010 By: Brian & Team

We have arrived and we are well. There were a few travel delays but we will all be together as a team this evening and we are thankful for the people God has brought together on this journey.

In our first day we are getting a lay of the land, here in Tel Aviv as well as a lay of the land so to speak of our mission for this time. Our time has been spent in prayer and worship along with teaching that will prepare us for the days ahead. Today we put some of that teaching into practice as we walked the neighborhood around our hostel and exercised our eyes to the environment around us and how that may inform us of the spiritual environment as well.

Today has been beautiful sunny and cool breeze off the Mediterranean which made our morning teaching session on the rooftop truly a gift. The cool breeze in our faces and the vistas of the sea across our horizon. If the days ahead are anything like today we will be truly blessed.

Thank you all for your support and keep checking in to see what’s going on in this amazing place. We ask that if you pray for us that God would open our eyes to what He wants us to see more and more in the days to come.

God Bless You All


Of A Global Kind 4

5/15/2010 By: Alissa

God is global and He is on the move. Last night we had the opportunity to worship with Jewish and Russian Believer during Shabbat. The message was in Hebrew and it was a message on the movement of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t need words to tell me how real and grand the Holy Spirits because I felt it in one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever felt in my heart

Today was a true blessing to pray and worship and break bread with a Russian Believing Congregation just a few miles from where we are staying. The love they had in making us feel at home was even more confirmation that God is moving. His love is flowing halfway across the globe. What a glorious Father we have. Amen


Shabbat Shalom, Y’all! 5

5/15/2010 By: Rick

Shabbat began last night with worship and teaching at the hostel. After a full night’s rest and a short breakfast, eight of us headed out to a Russian Messianic Congregation to share in their Shabbat service. We arrived to children playing and the worship team warming up. There was so much life!
The worship was beautiful! The Lord made His wonderful presence felt. His love descended on us and warmed our hearts — no translation was necessary. What a joy to worship as one body: different languages, cultures, and expressions of faith but one spirit and one love. Such unity is only found in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord.

After worship, the children came to the front and we thanked the Lord for them and blessed them. I began to weep with joy. David then began to teach about how God takes us into the desert, not because He’s angry at us and not to punish us. No, but because He loves us. He is jealous for us and longs for intimacy with us, with Himself in us. We just need to come to Him in that quiet place, what does He say in a voice just over a whisper? “Come to me.”

Teaching concluded and the Lord had a mind to heal. God poured out healing and deliverance to women and men. He is merciful and gracious and showed His love by healing.
Some of the leaders in the local congregation slipped out during ministry time to purchase and prepare a meal. There’s something special about sharing a meal, especially among believers. It’s intimate … joyful … it’s a little taste of the great banquet. We said our thank you and good bye’s with genuine love having made many new friends. I had a great time with our new friends and look forward to seeing them again. Thank you Lord, thank you.


God Moment 6

5/15/2010 By: Joe

We planned to attend a congregational meeting but never had a call back with address and meeting time. We met some gentleman in the garden after breakfast and they offered to let us tag along with them to the meeting they were going to attend. We enjoyed the Russian congregations worship time and message. When it ended we started to walk back to our Guest House, when nearby we had a God moment. We had an opportunity to speak with a religious man (an Orthodox Jew). We found some common ground and were blessed by the flow of our conversation. What an unexpected blessing! Praise God!


Contemplations – Then & Now 7

5/18/2010 By: Karl

Today we visited Mt. Carmel, the place where the Bible tells us in 1 Kings 18 that Elijah called fire down from heaven and slew 450 prophets of Baal.
As I stood on the mountain reflecting on this story I had a sense of joy realizing that God is real; His Word is true and that what He did thousands of years ago is also valuable today.
I also had a sense of sorrow as I looked toward Megiddo, knowing that just as God’s Word is true concerning the past so is it true concerning the future. I began to pray knowing that the battle of Armageddon would one day take place near here and how many lives would be lost. May God have mercy.
We left there and went to Caesarea. As I looked upon the ruins I had a sense of the people and the times; what the apostle Paul went through and wondered if the Lord tarries what will our ruins look like? What will be said of us? What mark will we leave? What more can I do to show forth Christ? May the LORDS’ Name be exalted!


From Mt Carmel to Pizza 8

5/18/2010 By: Marta

The visit to Mt Carmel was a most profound interactive study starting with a writ of divorce from the “ba’alim” in our lives (false gods and religiosity) which hold us back from a fuller relationship to Adonai. “Plundering” of the camp to get back that which had been stolen from our lives by the “relationship” to that. Each person wrote these things down for themselves to reclaim.

Then came a wedding ceremony to dedicate our lives fully in covenant with Yeshua, including communion at the stone table there.
The capstone to this was the blowing of the Shofar over the Jezreel Valley echoing not only in the natural but within the soul. Touching and reaching into the places opened by the Ruach (even beginning that AM in praise time it began with a word from Makelah) that are in need of healing.

During Makalah’s pizza dinner much of the talk was about this ceremony today, confirming the word she had given that morning and the power of being in situ of Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of ba’al.


He Speaks!!! 9

5/21/2010 By: Trent

On Wednesday, our group did an exercise where we sat on top of the roof of the hostel we are staying at. We arranged our chairs facing towards the city and all the members of our team prayed to God to ask Him what He wanted each of us to do for that day. I closed my eyes and asked God to reveal to me what His will was concerning what He wanted me to do. Then I felt that God was telling me to draw a circle on a piece of paper. I was skeptical at first because it did not make any sense to me why God would have me draw a circle. After being resistant to this idea for a few seconds I finally listened to God and drew a circle on the piece of paper. Then I felt God was telling me to draw a dot in the middle of the circle and then I felt that God was leading me to draw an arrow coming out of the circle. This did not make any sense to me until I looked up to see that the direction the arrow was pointing was toward the police station. Previously our team prayed around the police station and God was telling me to go back there to pray. Another member of the team also confirmed that God wanted him to go back to the police station. It was just amazing how God had spoke to me during that prayer because I had never experienced something like that before. This experience also made me learn more to put my complete trust in God and to obey Him, even if it does not make any sense at the moment.


Good Day 10

5/23/2010 By: Brian

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
His love endures forever.
Let Israel say:
His love endures forever.
Let the House of Aaron say:
His love endures forever.
Let those who fear the Lord say:
His love endures forever.
Words taken from Psalm 118, part of the traditional Hillels, songs sung to Lord as people climbed the hill towards Jerusalem.

I find myself not sure what exactly to say today but an abundance of gratitude and emotion. You see today was a blessed day, our second in Jerusalem. Our first stop the Western Wall. This is where any of my words will pale in comparison to what I believe we all experienced. Where to

I walked down the ramp to the area in front of the wall. Pausing to collect myself, to let it settle in. This wall before me and these stones were the very stones of the temple. I stood and I looked. Occasionally lowering my head in prayer. I was simply asking for God to prepare my heart to
clear my mind and to accept my humble confession that this all didn’t quite seem real yet. People bustling about. Cameras clicking all around. The traditional black and white attire everywhere. But it was good. God is good.

As I approached the wall with a sense of peace I stepped up to it and gently placed my hand on a stone. I paused to feel the stone, to just focus on the stone and how it felt against my palm. This stone was 2000 years old or more and I wanted to place myself in history before I prayed.

What followed was again unexpected, as much has been on this trip. I began with simple thanks for all the amazing ways God has directed our steps on this trip, it truly has been amazing and heart warming. His love does endure forever. As I shifted from thanks to praying for the many
on my list. I slipped into a timeless state and didn’t become aware those around me again until a Jewish man in traditional clothes stepped up to the wall next to me.

As I noticed him out of the corner of my eye I found myself drawn to pray for him. You see a good part of this trip for us is to bless the nation and people of Israel and so here I was feeling the words just coming out of me. What followed was unexpected as tears began to flow.

My head down, tears running down my cheeks I continued to pray for this man who’s heart so wanted to be with God and yet he doesn’t know our Father’s loving gift of His Son. My tears continued as I prayed for others that I know who don’t know our Father in heaven. I was unaware of the time passing, my list was long, my desire for all I know to receive blessings from the Lord kept me going. And I hadn’t realized I was late to rejoin the group once my prayers were complete.

I love it when God captures our hearts and minds so completely we lose track of time.His love does endure forever.

I’m giving Him thanks for an amazing time at the wall, and am in awe that following our prayers at the wall we just happened to find ourselves in the Upper Room. Apparently they only open this room once a year and we found ourselves there after 2 other plans of ours fell through. The
Upper Room, the site where Jesus shared with us as He stepped into the ultimate gift of His life for us.

The day was good.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
His love endures forever.


All Day Long 11

5/23/2010 By: Joe

What a morning… What a day…
Before breakfast during devotional time the Lord just directed my heart to meditate on the story of the Widow and the oil. The first was about flour and oil that did not run out until there was rain in the Land of Israel. The other was about a little bit of oil being poured out till
there were no vessels left to pour into. Both stories brought me joy, with an understanding that God will take care of me (insert “us” in place of “me”). This was followed by some pretty incredible praise and worship time after breakfast. It was full of peace and quiet waiting on
the Lord for guidance as to what the next song would be. The result is a time of praise and worship where the Presence of the Lord was felt and it lasted throughout the entire day. That joy was with us in Jerusalem that afternoon too. Waiting on the Lord and allowing Him to lead and prompt us results in some of the most enjoyable blessings.


Plans vs. Reality … Reality is Better 12

5/25/2010 By: Jean

Thursday, May 20 was a day of great expectations. First, we were going to the Temple Mount. Afterward, we were to break into two teams. One was to a church in their prayer room. The other team was going to work in the food bank for the poor in that community. Sounds like a good plan right? Well, we left for Jerusalem at 5:45 a.m. to meet with folks who were going to give us some background history on the Temple Mount. Well on this day, the military was having their promotion ceremony at the Western Wall. You can imagine how much security there was. Things began to get behind schedule and while on the mount, the Arab security watchman began to follow us, but we held our position and prayed to take back the land and the Temple Mount. Some of the Arab children were beginning to spit and throw rocks over the wall where the Jewish people walked around the Temple Mount because they find it too sacred to walk on it. One of us shouted, “Lo” which means, “no” and they stopped. Time was up so we left for our different ministries. My team went to the food bank. We took a few wrong turns along the way but ended up at the food bank. We were met by a nice young man who spoke only Russian. We could not understand him and he could not understand us. In fact, all of the workers spoke Russian so we really had a good ole time. They were wanting us to drink coffee, eat cookies, as the work was already done. So afterward, we left to meet the team back by Jerusalem to a town where John the Baptist was born. Well! I guess you guessed it by now. We got lost. We went around and around and around til we found the place called Ain Karem. The good thing about getting lost and our plans not working out like we thought, was everyone had a good attitude and everyone got to see areas we would not have seen if we had not gotten lost. We met up with the other team, looked at where they say John the Baptist was born and had dinner. It was during this time I thought about Mary coming to see Elizabeth and thought, what a long way she had come and how difficult it was up and down the mountains to spend time with Elizabeth for the birth of John. All and all, a good time was had by all.


Atop the Mount of Olives; Destiny … 13

5/25/2010 By: Alissa

God IS real. I find myself saying this over and over on this trip. This last movement of His has really blown me away. Yesterday, we went atop the Mount of Olives(!), to the Jerusalem House of Prayer. I had not really heard much at all about this House of Prayer before going. I was met with feeling God’s heart cry for all of His people – Jews and Gentiles, and I began to sob uncontrollably for the first hour. After feeling my emotions through the deep sadness for the lost souls, I was lead to step out on the balcony of the tower and pray for the nations (which was met with some resisting force from the north, as we were surrounded by Muslim territory, but was able to pray through the darkness). Our watch was for the “Jaffa Gate” which includes: Monaco, Bermuda, Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Morocco (another country that has been on my heart for nearly a year now), St. Pierre/Miqeulon, Canada, USA, France, Tunisia, Gibraltar and Malta. In two-hour segments, volunteers take watch to pray for different nations from a certain point in the tower called a gate, directing toward those nations. I could feel His presence in a way I never have before both during the time of sadness and in the last hour, time of perfect peace, filled with praying for an abundance of goodness, salvation and lights in the hearts of all people over and over. I also prayed for people of the U.S. to be receptive to hearing more about the Jewish people, the apple of His eye, and the Lord’s plans in restoring them first. In the car on the way back to the hostel, I opened my journal to write and came across what I had written on April 12 during a time of listening prayer with God, in preparation for this trip (hadn’t seen this since). I had written exactly these I heard as they appear below:

territory. Division. stray.
Oh yes Lord!
“I am with you.”

I had no idea what they meant at the time. I do now. I was moved beyond words as I stared at the words on the page He gave me. I had circled “watchman” in my quiet time over a month ago too. What speaks to me in this also is in the end of the watch, I was praying for His power to go out over the nations…over and over and over. Is God real? Indeed He is!! And I am crying with gratitude for hearing from Him and feeling His heart cry for all nations, for all people. Thank you Lord for piercing my heart and for drawing me close to You, Your heart and Your people. Blessed be Your name!


Jerusalem all around 14

5/25/2010 By: Trent

On Monday our group went to the Jerusalem House of Prayer on the top of the Mount of Olives to pray. The building has a tower with a balcony outside which has a magnificent 360 degree view of Jerusalem. I went out to pray on the balcony and after praying for a short amount of time, something inside me did not feel right. When I stopped to meditate on why I was feeling this way I realized that I did not ask God to reveal to me what it was that He wanted me to pray for specifically. So I stopped praying and went back inside where some of our group was praising with singing and playing of instruments. After singing a song or two I prayed for God to reveal to me what He wanted me to pray about. Then God laid upon my heart to prayer for the Jewish people, specifically for the Messianic Jews all around the world. God pressed upon my heart to pray that He would give Messianic Jews the strength to continue to persevere and stand for Yeshua (Jesus) in the midst of all the hardships they endure. Throughout the course of history, even to this day the Jewish people have been persecuted more than any other group of people. Messianic Jews are not only persecuted and alienated from the rest of world but also from other Jews who do not believe that Yeshua is God’s Son. After God revealed this to me I went back outside and prayed for the Messianic Jews that God had laid upon my heart. I have to say it felt much better praying in accordance with God’s will and with the Holy Spirit, rather than praying for my own will in the flesh.


Stepping into Leadership 15

5/26/2010 By: C.S.

Sometimes God calls us to things we do not really like to do or want to do. Leadership is one of those things for me. God called me to step into that arena in a BIG way this year. Some people are born leaders, maybe I was born for it but it has taken Him a lifetime to prepare me to lead here, little by little, step by step. Sometimes baby steps, sometimes, like this year, by leaps & bounds. I will not say I have arrived, but with His help, in answer to the prayers of His people, the patience of a Godly leader surrendered to His will & the understanding of a team of folks who are sold out for the Lord, Praise the Lord I was able to step into it. I still do not like it but I am willing to lay down self for the sake of the Kingdom, in obedience to the Lord, to see Him Glorified, people come to know Him, Nations-people groups reconciled, people surrendered to the Lord & set free, believers encouraged & strengthened to continue to advance the Kingdom… It is worth it. I say with Isaiah, “Here am I” willing to be led so that I might lead… God is good!


Searching for what was asked for 16

6/3/2010 By: Trent

The trip was an amazing experience and I have spiritually grown on a greater level. I have also developed a greater trust in God. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to do a first time missions trip with. I am sorry that I left without saying good bye. The carrier wanted to get going and I didn’t want to keep him waiting. Things went much better this time with flying back to the U.S. I didn’t have any problems going through security at the airport and both my flights arrived and left on time. Here’s something I wanted to share something with you about an experience I had flying back which deals with trusting in God.

When we were in Jerusalem on Sunday I asked that God would reveal something to me. Immediately after I prayed for this I got a sense that I was supposed to look for a white crown in a high place. Of course this did not make any sense to me so I just told God that I would trust in Him and look for a white crown in a high place. I looked for this sign for the rest of the mission trip, but I did not see anything that fit this description. I admit that I was a little frustrated and disappointed about this. After we got back to the Hostel on Tuesday it kind of slipped my mind and I forgot about it until my plane trip back to the U.S. About two or three hours into the flight the flight crew served us a meal. After the meal they served us coffee and when I went to put sugar in my coffee right there on the sugar packet thousands of feet up in the air was a white crown. I knew that this was the sign that God wanted me to look for, and that I was suppose to start talking to the man in his late 50s sitting next to me. Prior to this, I really had not talked to him much because he was sleeping and I fell asleep for a short while. I had some hesitation with striking up a conversation with him but I decided to trust God with it and I asked God to give me some holy boldness. So I started making some small talk with him which led to me talking about visiting Israel. I did not lie to him, but I made no mention of being there for a mission trip or about you. We had some great conversation and it turned out that he is a believer and he told me that he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I thought that maybe I was suppose to witness to him, but it turns out that God just wanted me to talk to him and encourage and lift him up, and he did the same for me. After the flight I asked him if there was something I could pray about for him. He was sort surprised when I asked him this and he told me just to pray for his health. He also asked me if I he could pray for me, and I told him to pray for me to keep on trusting God in all things. The experience was just another reminder to keep on trusting God even when things do not make sense at the moment and He will continue to reveal Himself to me.
Your brother in Christ


Me, too 17

6/4/2010 By: C.S.

The Lord helped me to step into a leadership role like never before. woohoo! BIG answer! With only 1 day when I was overwhelmed and that day helped me step into leading even more, go figure what the enemy meant for evil Abba used for good!

We were blessed to minister with & to local believers, building them up to do the work of the Kingdom!

We came along side the staff & volunteers at the Hostel, helping them with cooking & cleaning. Encouraging them & “holding up their hands”

The group moved in incredible unity, which was a real answer to prayer, we had a group of 3 sweet Korean ladies join us & the Lord knit together East & West beautifully.

We were able to come along side & help a family that made Alliyah (immigrated to Israel) last year

We packaged food for needy Israelis

PTL! David was blessed to be entrusted to bring the message to the Congregation that meets at the Hostel where we stayed while the Pastor was traveling & one young man put his trust in Yeshua (Jesus), there were healings, for example a woman deaf in one ear can now hear PTL! And people set free from addictions, woohoo! God is AWESOME!

The Lord worked in life changing ways in the lives of the participants. Even as He did for me & continues to change my life.