Posted January 14, 2019 |  Charles Gardner (Writer for Israel Today, known link with Andrew Murray devotional)
In anticipation of the birth of Moses, the Egyptian pharaoh tried to prevent God’s will from being fulfilled by murdering every male Jewish infant (Exodus 1.22). Moses was a ‘type’ of the Messiah to come in that he led God’s people out of slavery towards new life in the Promised Land. Jesus went further by redeeming all who trust him from slavery to sin.
But when Christ arrived on the scene some 1,500 years after Moses, King Herod ordered the slaughter in Bethlehem of every child under the age of two. (Matthew 2.16)
In both cases, God was about to usher in a wonderful new era – and Satan tried to stop it.
In more recent times, when six million Jews were mercilessly slaughtered in the concentration camps of Germany and Poland, one-and-a-half million children were among them.
Once again, God was about to introduce a glorious new epoch for Israel, with Jews back in their ancient land and many recognizing Jesus as Messiah. Satan tried to stop it in an unspeakably monstrous way. Yet, even so, he failed in his ultimate objective, but at a terrible cost of precious lives because so few who were in a position to do so lifted a finger to help.
It’s interesting that the legalization of abortion in Britain in 1967 happened to coincide with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the old established churches. Whenever God wants to do something special in revealing his presence and power to sinful humanity, Satan seeks to spoil his plan.
Ultimately, however, the devil is doomed to defeat and will take all his allies with him into the pit of everlasting fire known as hell. (See Rev 20.7-10)
St Paul writes: “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” (Romans 16.20)
My new year message to abortionists, and all who support them, is: Stop this Satanic slaughter!