Posted on: 30 Apr 2019
Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon addressed the Security Council on Monday afternoon in New York, telling them among other things that Israel’s existence derives legitimacy from four things, including the Bible, history, legality and the pursuit of international peace and security. “This is our deed to our land,” he said, pointing to a Bible.” “From the book of Genesis; to the Jewish exodus from Egypt; to receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai; to the gates of Cana’an; and to the realization of God’s covenant in the Holy Land of Israel; the Bible paints a consistent picture. The entire history of our people, and our connection to Eretz Yisrael, begins right here.”
“The Quran itself accepts the divine deed of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel,” he continued. “Even the Romans themselves admitted the land was ours. Those of you who have visited Rome may have seen that Emperor Titus famously commemorated his victory and the Jewish expulsion by building an enormous arch on the Via Sacra in Rome. If you look at the Arch, it includes an illustration of his men carrying away the menorah from the Jewish Temple. (But) the Romans attempted to destroy that link by renaming the land Palestina. This is how the narrow strip of land in Eretz Yisrael, nestled between Egypt in the south and Lebanon in the north, came to be called ‘Palestine.’ For two millennia, Jews across the world continued to pray three times every day for our long- awaited return home to Zion and Jerusalem. As we just said on Passover last week, as we do every year, ‘Next year in Jerusalem!'”