Hebrew Name Rosh Hashana
Biblical Name Yom Teruah
English Name Feast of Trumpets
Biblical Date 1 Tishri
Scripture Leviticus 23:24
Celebrated September 10,2018

Hebrew Name Yom Kippur
Biblical Name Yom Kippur
English Name Day of Atonement
Biblical Date 10 Tishri
Scripture Leviticus 23:27
Celebrated September 19, 2018

Hebrew Name Sukkot
Biblical Name Sukkot
English Name Feast of Tabernacles
Biblical Date 15-22 Tishri
Scripture Leviticus 23:34
Celebrated Sept.24-Oct.1,2018

Hebrew Name Shmini Atzert
Biblical Name Shmini Atzert
English Name The Assembly of the Eight Day
Biblical Date 23 Tishri
Scripture Leviticus 23:34
Celebrated October 1,2018

Hebrew Name Simchat Torah
(Second day of Shmini)

Biblical Name Simchat Torah
English Name Joy of Torah
Biblical Date 24 Tishri
Scripture Deuteronomy 31:10-12
Celebrated October 2,2018

Hebrew Name Chanukah
Biblical Name Feast of Dedication
English Name Dedication of Lights
Biblical Date 25 Kislev -2 Tevet
Scripture John 10:22-23
Celebrate Dec.3-10, 2018

Hebrew Name Purim
Biblical Name Purim
English Name Lots / Feast of Esther
Biblical Date 14 Adar
Scripture Esther 9:20-22
Celebrate March 21-22,2019

Hebrew Name Pesach
Biblical Name Pesach
English Name Passover
Biblical Date 14 Nisan
Scripture Leviticus 23:5
Celebrate April 19, 2019

Hebrew Name Chag Matzah
Biblical Name Chag Matzah
English Name Feast of Unleavened Bread
Biblical Date 15-22 Nisan
Scripture Leviticus 23:6
Celebrate April 20-26,2019

Hebrew Name Yom HaBikkurim
Biblical Name Re’shiyt (Lev 23:10-14)
English Name First Fruits (of Barley)
Biblical Date 20 Nisan
Scripture Numbers 28:26
Celebrate April 25,2019

Hebrew Name Shavuot
Biblical Name Shavuot
English Name Feast of Weeks
Rabbinic Date 6-7 Sivan
Scripture Exodus 34:22
Celebrate June 9-10,2019

Hebrew Name Shavuot
Biblical Name Shavuot
English Name Feast of Weeks/Pentecost
Biblical Date 8 Sivan
Rabbinic influence
Celebrate June 13,2019