Random thoughts from Jim Garlow

1) SERIOUS: Most of us take Covid19 very seriously. Many of us have had the disease. Some of us were very ill. Some of us ended up in the hospital (including me). Some of our friends died. We take the disease seriously. Very seriously! We don’t want to get it again. No one needs to tell us that Covid19 is a serious illness. We know it is.
2) COMORBIDITIES AND VULNERABILITIES: However, those under the age of approximately 60 or 65 and those without comorbidities seem to go through it, many with no symptoms. (One of my family members had Covid, with no symptoms at all.) Perhaps the only ones who should have been quarantined were those with vulnerabilities (age and weight) and those with comorbidities, while allowing the rest of society to have moved about normally without all the draconian lockdowns.
3) LOSS OF TRUST: Some people trust the “medical authorities.” However, many people have lost confidence in government officials and many in the medical field who have manipulated the figures and who have used the illness as a means to overregulate the population. Those who have done this have lost all credibility. Succinctly stated, many citizens do not trust most of the so-called “authorities” or “experts” any longer.

4) JURY STILL OUT: The governmental shot might be good. It might be bad. We don’t know. No one does. We will all know in two, five, ten or more years. Again, it might be good. Time will tell.

5) FREEDOM: If you want to get the shot, fine. But allow others to make their own (private) decision – without manipulation, coercion, guilt or shaming. Do not force anyone to put into their body that which they don’t want. Whatever happened to the Leftist mantra, “My body, my choice?” Whether you received the shot or not, all of us should agree on one thing: No person should be forced to put something into their body that they do not want. So, support freedom and liberty. Remember, to believers, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. So, allow fellow believers to decide what they allow into their “temple.”

6) POSTING: Is there some reason that those of you who have had the shot feel the need to post on social media “I got the Covid vaccine,” often with a picture of your little white card? Stop it. Hopefully, that habit won’t continue when you get your next colonoscopy.

7) PRIVACY: Somewhat similar to the above, there is no need for you – if you had the governmental shot – to announce it to others. Others don’t need you to tell them If you received the shot or not. Have you ever heard of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)? Health is a private matter. Be respectful and follow proper etiquette and protocol. Don’t ask others if they have had the governmental shot or “vaccine.”

8) RUSHED: There is a general rule in life: When we rush something, we tend not to do our best work. Just curious: Was this drug rushed? Is “warp speed” good at some times, but also bad at times? Should we be concerned about this? Maybe. Maybe not.

9) HISTORY: Given the fact that it takes many years to determine whether a new drug is (not merely effective, but) safe, for exactly how many years was this tested?

10) EXPERIMENTAL: Officially, this governmental shot has an EAU (Emergency Authorization Use) designation. It is still being tested. Many people would rather have had this new immunization tested for many decades on rats or mice, rather than on their friends.
11) GOVERNMENT OVERREACH: If this new governmental shot is so good, given the fact that is was pushed out in a relatively short time, can you tell us all once again why hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – used for the last 70 years, with no problems (except if one has heart problems) – was not allowed, even if some of you believe that it was not effective for Covid19, as some claimed? Can people take HCQ if they want to, without being blocked, guilted or shamed? What harm is that to you, or to the government? Can people make their own decisions? Why were doctors threatened for prescribing it? What happened to doctor-patient privacy? Just curious.
12) PROTECTED: If you receive the governmental shot – which is your privilege – then you are supposed to be safe from getting Covid. Isn’t that the reason you received the shot? So, that being the case, what is it to you if those around you chose not to get the shot? You should not be affected by them because, after all, you received the shot. You are supposedly protected. Wouldn’t that mean that you don’t need to be concerned about masks and social distancing and especially about other people who chose not to get the governmental shot?

13) ACCOUNTABILITY: When you buy a product, the company which made that product normally stands behind it. That is an appropriate moral and ethical standard. Just curious, why are the drug companies – who will make billions of dollars on this – given full immunity? Just to be clear, if you are harmed by the governmental shot, can you legally sue the company that made it and made so much money doing so? Can you sue the doctor who recommended it? Can you sue the government who insisted you receive it? If not, why not? Should it concern you that the company which produced the governmental shot will not stand behind its product?

14) TIMING: Most people are not anti-vaxxers. Most have had many vaccines. Most people will likely have more. But many persons don’t want this particular shot. At least, not yet. They might be open to receiving it in the future. They might not. But many don’t want to take it now. Can you – if you have taken the governmental shot – respect that and leave them alone?

15) PASSPORTS: What could possibly be more intrusive, offensive and dictatorial than a “vaccination passport.” All persons – whether you wanted the Covid19 shot or not – should rise up with one voice and refuse to allow the government to have such severe overreach into our lives.

Once again, the governmental shot MIGHT be good. In fact, it MIGHT be great. Then get the shot if you desire. But some are not convinced of that. Why? Because the governmental shot MIGHT be bad. Time will tell.
Thank God, we live in a free country. (Or we once did.)

There is no need to politicize and weaponize an immunization shot. Let people decide what they will put in their bodies. And respect them for it.